What is the Transportation Management Program?

The Carlyle Community Council, which serves approximately 14,000 employees and 2,200 residents in its Alexandria neighborhood, manages an on-site Transportation Management Program. It works closely with the City of Alexandria’s GO Alex program to provide commuting choices that reduce traffic and emissions and improve quality of life. The offerings available to employees and residents include Zimride Ridesharing (an online ride-matching service connecting riders and passengers), SmartBenefits for transit and vanpool commutes, free shuttle service to King Street Metro Station and the Virginia Railway Express at Union Station, and discounted Capital Bikeshare memberships. 

The Council also maintains and oversees security of the Duke Street Pedestrian Tunnel, which connects the neighborhood to the King Street Metro Station, and hosts a pit stop for the regional Bike to Work Day. The group conducts an annual survey of its stakeholders to gain feedback on improvements to its programs and services. 

On-Site TMP Coordinator

Carlyle has an on-site TMP Coordinator to provide one-on-one contact for Carlyle Council Members.  The TMP Coordinator is responsible for managing the TMP program as well as working with the City’s Local Motion office, including:

  • Staffs an on-site TMP office to easily distribute TMP information to Carlyle employers to assist in developing company policies that will assist employees in traveling by transit or ride sharing.

  • Manages communications and outreach  to employees, residents and visitors, including

    • Distribution of TMP and related materials via Carlyle commercial property owners, businesses, and residential properties

    • Oversees active outreach, community programs, participation in community events, and information from related organizations to inform residents and employees about a range of transportation alternatives

    • Conducts annual survey of workers and residents on commuting patterns and views on transit related matters

    •  Manages a Carlyle Council website and Facebook page

  • Manages program to subsidize costs of SmarTrip benefits for workers and residents

  • Promotes and facilitates bicycling as a commuting alternative including

    • Sponsor of a Bike to Work Day Pit Stop at John Carlyle Square Park

    • Promotion of Capital Bikeshare

    • Placement of adequate bike racks throughout Carlyle; and

    • Distribution of information on bike paths, City programs, and local bike clubs

  • Coordination and promotion of City and Regional Transit Programs