Update on AlexRenew's Tunnel System

In response to a 2017 Virginia Law, AlexRenew is implementing a program called RiverRenew to reduce the discharge of millions of gallons of sewage mixed with rainwater into local waterways each year. The RiverRenew program includes the construction of a tunnel system to capture the sewage mixed with rainwater at the locations where it currently overflows (called outfalls). The captured flows will be treated at AlexRenew’s wastewater treatment plant, which is located just south of the Eisenhower Circle. Alexandria has four outfalls, two of which are located just east of the Carlyle neighborhood:

  • Outfall 001 located at the eastern end of Pendleton Street

  • Outfall 002 located at the southern end of South Royal Street

  • Outfall 003 located below the intersection of Duke Street and Dangerfield Road

  • Outfall 004 located within Hooffs Run between Duke Street and Jamieson Avenue.

Outfalls 003 and 004 currently discharge into Hooffs Run, the stream that flows alongside Holland Lane. By capturing these flows before they overflow into our waterbodies, the tunnel system will improve the health of Alexandria’s waterbodies, specifically Hooffs Run, Hunting Creek, and the Potomac River.

The 2017 Virginia Law requires that the tunnel system is constructed and in place to reduce these discharges by July 1, 2025. To meet this schedule, the RiverRenew tunnel system is completing the initial planning phase and recently released an Environmental Assessment (EA), with cooperation from the National Park Service. The EA evaluates potential impacts to the environment, community and cultural resources associated with the implementation of the tunnel system. The document also establishes a preferred alternative for the tunnel system’s location that includes the below components and is shown in the image:

  • Waterfront Tunnel: River-Church alignment

  • Outfall 001 Diversion Facility: Robinson Terminal North

  • Outfall 002 Diversion Facility: Royal Street North

  • Hooffs Run Tunnel: Open-cut sewer interceptor replacement

A public comment period for the EA was open from June 19 to July 19, 2019. AlexRenew held three listening sessions to walk the public through the EA findings. Information presented at those listening sessions can be found here. The National Park Service will evaluate any substantive comments and prepare a final Decision Document, anticipated for release in August 2019.

To learn more visit the RiverRenew website.

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